Shochu kiuchi

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What's Shouchu?

Shouchu is a traditional Japanese distilled spirits which has a high alcohol concentration at about 20 to 45%. Each region in Japan has developed its own Shouchu from 500 years of history. Now Shouchu is variously characterized by the use of materials and methods of distillation. Shouchu is often drunk in straight, as well as on the rock. Its clean taste also works perfect in cocktails and infused drinks.

What's special about Shouchu 'KIUCHI'?

Rice Shochu 'KIUCHI' is distilled from the Sake-Kasu (white sake lees) of our refined Daiginzyou Sake 'KIKUSAKARI'. This luxury Shochu has a complex flavor with pleasant rice aroma.

Alcohol Volume: 25%, 30%
Package Format : 750ml Ceramic bottle