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Kiuchi Brewery direct sales store ''TASTE'' Kiuchi warehouse

Kiuchi Brewery direct sales store

The store is in our old warehouse. There is also mini bar.
Gift shopping is welcomed.
Lots of great beer and sake are available with tasting!

Address : 1257 Kounosu, Naka-shi, Ibaraki
Tel : 81-29-298-0105
Opening hours : Weekday 9:00-19:00
Weekend 9:00-18:30

''TASTE'' Kiuchi warehouse

Enjoy impressive, exciting, fun taste
Location is in Keisei Department Store.

Address : 1-6-1 Izumicyou, Mito-shi, Ibaraki
Tel : 81-29-291-5959
Opening hours :10:00-19:30

Online store

Kiuchi Brewery's ''Kodawari'' online Store

Kiuchi Brewery's ''Kodawari'' online Store

All of our products such as Hitachino Nest Beer, various kind of Sake and other Liquor are delivered directly from our warehouse, however domestic shipping is only acceptable.