Interactive Sake Brewery Tour

Map of Kiuchi Brewery
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Joso (presing) room

Joso will mostly be done mechanically in an accordian-like press, or more traditionally in a long wood box with a top that can be pressed down like a vise (known as a FUNE).

Fermentation room

Fermentation room for Kikusakari sake.
The room with large tank where rice, koji,
and water are added for fermentation
in three stages over four days.

Koji room

Koji-kin, a black powdered mold (Asperillus Oryzae),
is sprinkled over the cooled, steamed rice and propagated
in this warm humid room.

Daigonjo room

The fermentation room specially designed for Daigonjo grade sake
The room temperature is carefully maintained all year round

Bottoling factory

Speciality beer brewery

The special brews are created in this small brewery

KURA+SOBA NAKAYA soba restaurant)

Soba restauant which has been opened since Nov 2008. All the ingredients are grown onsite or sourced carefully.
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Brew on Premises

You can brew your original Ales with a help of our awards winning HITACHINO NEST brewers.
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Steam room

Japanese Garden/court yard

Shop / Bar

You can purchase all of Kiuchi's products here.

Vine yard

Rice polishing room


This is where the Shochu is distilled.

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