Sake breweries have been making “Sanaburi Shochu” for a long time.
Brewers distilled fresh sake lees in a steam basket and drank it at a festival called “Sanaburi” held after rice planting.
People enjoyed the shochu served at "Sanaburi" which celebrates the successful completion of rice planting to a rice field god.

Rice Shochu Kiuchi

Rice shochu is a kind of traditional shochu made by distilling sake lees. A fragrant rich daiginjo is pressed and filtered by a method called "Fukuro Shibori" that collects "Shizuku" drops naturally. The sake lees contains fragrant daiginjo in paste form. Rice Shochu Kiuchi is distilled from this sake lees. It features a flavour reminiscent of daiginjo.

Category: Shochu
Distillation method: Single distillation
Alcohol: 25%
Availability: All year round
Available size: 500ml, 1,800ml

Wine Barrel Matured Rice Shochu

Rice Shochu "Kiuchi" has been matured in red wine barrels used for brewing Kiuchi red wine. You can smell a hint of red wine. This new and unique rice shochu is recommended for those who have not been accustomed to shochu.

Category: Shochu
Distillation method: Single distillation
Alcohol: 33%
Availability: all year round
Available size: 500ml