Kiuchi Brewery started brewing sake in Naka-shi, Ibaraki prefecture in 1823.
We are producing the “Kikusakari” sake brand, shochu, wine and liqueur.
We own a buckwheat noodle restaurant "Nakaya" on the premises, and there is a bar counter for tasting a variety of Kiuchi products.
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Joso (presing) room
Joso will mostly be done mechanically in an accordian-like press, or more traditionally in a long wood box with a top that can be pressed down like a vise (known as a FUNE).


By Train from Tokyo

JR Ueno Station(上野) to Mito Station(水戸)

Express trains (Hitachi or Tokiwa) depart from Ueno for Mito every 30 minutes during the day. At Ueno station, look for the Joban Line (常磐線)Hitachi Express, usually depart from the Platform NO.16 or 17 (traveling time from Ueno to Mito: approx. 1 hour)
JR Mito Station(水戸) to Hitachi-Kounosu Station(常陸鴻巣)

Change to Suigun line(水郡線)** at Mito station, the Platform NO.1 or 2
(traveling time from Mito to Hitachi-Kounosu: 20 minutes)

Hitachi-Kounosu station to Kiuchi Brewery (by walk)

After getting off the train at Hitachi-Kounosu Station, go straight behind the station.
When you can see the main street, turn left and keep walking, then you can see Kiuchi Brewery on your left side (approx. 5 minutes walk).

Back to JR Mito Station
Trains depart from Hitachi-Kounosu station for Mito every