What can we do to bring enjoyment and happy moments to people’s lives with our sake?
Our thoughts led to the establishment of our various shops and facilities. Our vision is to connect sake and the people.

Buckwheat is grown as an interim crop of barley.
NAKAYA – where our soba is made using sake instead of water.

We succeeded in reviving the extinct visionary barley KANEKO GOLDEN (Nipponia).
As an interim crop of this beer barley, HITACHI AKISOBA (a type of buckwheat) was cultivated.
NAKAYA was born in the midst of beer making. The harvested buckwheat is made using sake instead of water, served as SAKE SOBA along with a dish using seasonal vegetables from Hitachino. It is the first restaurant established by Kiuchi Brewery to suggest how to enjoy the taste of sake.

» About NAKAYA
hitotokWe opened a bar where people can enjoy our HITACHINO NEST BEER.

This bar is located in the renovated red brick MANSEIBASHI station built in the Meiji period. Exchange and interaction once flourished here when cultured people and the general public gathered. In this space where the remains of the station were restored, we aim to bring people together and foster craft beer culture at HITACHINO BREWING LAB.

“Brew on Premises”, where you can brew your own original beer.

You can brew your one and only beer here at Kiuchi Brewery with the high quality ingredients used for HITACHINO NEST BEER. Colour, bitterness and alcohol content... you can customise it in any way you desire to suit your taste.

» 手づくりビール工房について