Japanese Sake is made using locally grown ingredients, local climate and the hand of the brewer. Each sake is the only one of its kind.
The rich underground water of the Hitachino area, the carefully raised sake rice and the hearts of the sake brewers here whose skills have been handed down through generations.
Kiuchi Brewery’s Japanese Sake - “KIKUSAKARI” - can only be made with this formula.

Sake Rice

We only brew pure rice sake. The biggest factor determining the quality of sake is the sake rice. It is no exaggeration to say that sake brewing is an extension of agriculture. To acquire a lot of high-grade ingredients, Kiuchi Brewery secured cooperation and cultivation-contracts with farmers and agricultural cooperatives for special sake rice.

[Kanoya Shoten – Naka, Ibaraki]
Our long-time dream was to brew our sake with Yamada-Nishiki (sake rice) cultivated here in Hitachino. This dream has come true through the cooperation of rice farmers, mainly Mr. Atsuyuki Unno of Kanoya Shoten.

[Kiuchi Brewery Sake Rice Production Organisation – Kasai, Hyogo]
Five farmers - mainly Mr. Yozo Kameo - cultivate Yamada-Nishiki (sake rice) by organic farming methods using EM bacteria of Kasai, Hyogo.

[Sake Rice Research Society – Uridura-Machi, Ibaraki]
Here they cultivate Miyama-Nishiki, Gohyakumangoku, and Wakamizu by organic farming.

[Sake Rice Research Society – Gozenyama, Ibaraki]
The first society to cultivate sake rice in Ibaraki.
They cultivate Miyama-Nishiki on the farmland in the mountains.


Yeast creates the aroma of sake. We independently research and develop our own yeast. We use a yeast with a gorgeous aroma for Daiginjo and a yeast with a deep flavour for Junmaishu.


The water that gives life to KIKUSAKARI, is natural spring water from the well in our sake brewery. This water is soft water (close to medium hardness) which does not contain iron, organic matter etc. – the inhibitors of fermentation. There is a place named SAKAIDE about 1 kilometre east from our sake brewery, where there is an old legend that sake gushed out of a well there.
The plateau of Naka where Kiuchi Brewery is located is land rich in water and greenery between Kuji River - famous for its sweetfish - in the east and Naka River - famous for its salmon - in the west. Delicious sake was almost certainly brewed with this good quality water from long ago.


In recent years, our sake has been brewed with the young sensibility and original techniques of our master brewer while also continuing to use our inherited traditional techniques of Nanbu-Toji.
By fusing the spirit of tradition and enterprise, we also challenge the new and the unconventional. We work every day by trial and error to brew a Japanese Sake that will be loved worldwide. The sake brewers of Kiuchi Brewery are also following their dreams.