Declare Safety

Dear Customers,

We express a sympathy for people who are damaged by the big earthquake.
As for our brewery, some parts of our roof is still broken, but we finished checking all of our manufacturing equipment and we have already started brewing our sake and beer.
Also we have already exported our products to HongKong at 22nd Match, to Sweden at 28th March, to USA at 8th April. We are going to export to Italy at 10th April.

According to the news, the import regulation was issued regarding to the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power station, but we have already tested all of our products, and the result of it is that radioactivity was not detectable in all of our products.
We will do this test regularly and try to ensure this safety.

The analytical data of radioactivity can be downloaded below ;

The result of radioactivity analysis at 30th March 2011.pdf

The company we requested this inspection

〒310-0903 1044 Horimachi Mito-shi Ibaraki