Brew on Premises

Brew on Premises tanks

Would you like to brew your original beer?

You can brew your original Ales here at Kiuchi Brewery with a help of our awards winning HITACHINO NEST brewers. We use all high quality ingredients imported from Europe.
The process is really easy and fun. The brewing process roughly takes 3 to 4 hours and finished products will be delivered to your door in three weeks time.


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BOP Brewing Process

Hitachno Nest Brewery Hitachno Nest Brewery

Make Your Original Recipe

Make Your Original Recipe Firstly, you consult with our professional brewer to create your original recipe from a huge variety of beers including ales, stouts or wheat beers. Color, bitterness and alcohol content... you can customize how you desire to suit your taste.

Measure Out Malts

Measure out Malts Measure malts following your own recipe. We use all high quality ingredients imported from Europe.


Measure out Malts Milling breaks up the malts into smaller particles for mashing process.


Add the milled malt into the kettle with 55 degree hot water. Carefully control the heat operation for saccharification which takes about an hour. The process of Mashing activates enzymes which help break down the complex starches into simple sugars which can be fermented by our yeast.


Lautering The mashed liquid called wort is separated from the grains. We slowly remove the wort from the bottom of the mash tank, at the same time we sparge(shower) the wet grains with hot water to create deeper aroma.

Measure Out Hops

Measure Out Hops Measure hops that add beer bitterness and aroma.


Boiling The wort transfered is then boiled for pasteurization and evaporation. Hops are added in three intervals. First hop for bitterness, second and third are for aroma.


Chilling The wort is quickly chilled to a temperature at which the yeast works perfectly.

Yeast Pitching

The wort is transfered into a clean fermenter. Yeast is pitched at this stage for primary fermentation.

Fermentation & Bottling

Bottling Fermentation roughly takes a week followed by two weeks of maturation. The Yeast consume the sugar in the wort producing both alcohol and CO2 at this stage. Finished beer is finally bottled after fermentation.

Make your own label

Make your own LabelYou can bring your own photos, illustration, etc... and we'll design a label as you desire. Your beer will be delivered to your door after three weeks.