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If you travel to Tokyo, why don’t you visit to Kiuchi brewery in Ibaraki Prefecture? Location is just 1.5 hours from Tokyo.
We offer the great 1 day trip ‘Kiuchi Brewery Tour’ You can see the brewing process of the world famous beer and enjoy not only draft Hitachino Nest Beer, but also Sake Brewery Tour and Handmade Soba Noodle lunch at our old warehouse.

Tour Hours


Suggested Itinerary
Traveling from Tokyo - A Day Trip to Kiuchi Brewery

Ueno Station to Mito Station

Express trains (Hitachi or Tokiwa ) depart from Ueno for Mito every 30 minutes during the day. At Ueno station, look for the Joban Line Hitachi Express, usually depart from the Platform NO.16 or 17
---traveling time from Ueno to Mito: approx. 1 hour---

dep. 9:00am - arr. 10:16am
dep. 11:00am - arr. 12:06pm
dep. 12:00pm - arr. 13:06pm


Mito Station to Hitachi-Kounosu Station

Change to Suigun line at Mito station, the Platform NO.1 or 2
----traveling time from Mito to Hitachi-Kounosu: 20 minutes---

dep. 10:20am - arr. 10:43am
dep. 12:15pm - arr. 12:35pm
dep. 13:15pm - arr. 13:36pm


Hitachi-Kounosu station to Kiuchi Brewery

After getting off the train at Hitachi-Kounosu Station, go straight behind the station.
When you can see the main street, turn left and keep walking, then you can see Kiuchi Brewery on your left side (approx. 5 minutes walk).


Lunch Time
Soba restaurant ‘Nakaya’ at Kiuchi Brewery served Draft Nest Beers and fresh handmade Soba (Buckwheat) noodles.

Brewery Tour (around 30 minutes)
You can see the birthplace of nestbeer! Also there is Sake Brewery have been started since 1823. We can take you inside of this traditional sake place as well.
Brewery is 10 minutes away by car from Kiuchi Brewery warehouse. We drive to take you.
Back to Mito Station ( 1:26pm, 1:44pm, 2:45pm, 4:00pm, 4:30pm, 5:33pm)
Drinking Time ‘TrueBrew’ at Mito station
We have beer bar at Mito station. You can thoroughly enjoy our draft beer. Served some dishes which are good combination with beer.

Please contact us if you are traveling from elsewhere. We will assist your journey to our brewery.

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